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BatteryDead is an electronic music project by Christian Ahlers from germany founded in the year 2004, although he started composing music since 1987 for the Amiga demoscene. His music is a melodic mixture of soundscapes, sequences and rhythm for chilling out. The goal of BatteryDead is to inspire, entertain, and at some moments touch the listeners soul. BatteryDead has his own style, so it is hard to compare him to other musicians.

25. Nov. 2017:
Live Concert with Wellenvorm and Moonbooter & BatteryDead @Planetarium Münster

After the show was done..

Many thanks to Bernd Scholl for the invitation and to all of you who were there with us having a fantastic evening!

More info at:www.mellowjet.de

8. July 2017:
BatteryDead Live @ Schallwende Grillfest - Grugapark Essen
Grillplatz 4 - only park entrance fee (4 Euro)
Also on stage: Baltes & Erbe
More info at: www.schallwen.de
24. June 2017:
Live @ "Awakenings - Live ambient & electronic music" with
Baltes & Erbe, Harald Grosskopf and BatteryDead

Lea Hall Social Club
Sandy Lane
WS15 2LB

Get your Tickets here
Stefan Erbe, Harald Grosskopf, BatteryDead live at Awakenings
26. Nov 2016:
27. May 2016:
New Album " Yield to Gravity " out now!!!
Available at Mellowjet Records
New Album Yield to Gravity available now at Mellowjet Records
02. July 2016:
BatteryDead will perform live at "Winnies Schwingungen Gardenparty" in Hamm/Germany on Saturday, 02. July 2016
Schwingungen Gardenparty in Hamm/Germany
06. Mar 2016:
Aurora Borealis - Photography is another interest and on that day I took some photos of a very nice northern lights display. Here is the best picture out of the series of images I took on late sunday evening in northern germany near Oldenburg.
Aurora Borealis Picture taken on March 6th 2016

(Dropbox) Video Animation of the northern lights (repeats 3 times)
04. May 2014:
This Video for my track "Butterflight" was made by Rob Hartemink. Thank you very much dear Rob for your work.

Watch on Youtube.com
06. Apr. 2014:

New trance track "Floating Point Exception"
31. Oct. 2013:
Video for my track "Stratosphere"
From the Album "Shades"

Watch on Youtube.com
05. Oct. 2013:
Link to MusicZeit download platformNew album "Shades" coming up on October 5th at SynG@te records
CD-R available at Electronic Circus Festival in Gütersloh/Germany
Download already available at www.musiczeit.com

Many thanks to my guest musicians "Promusic Hagen"
-= Andreas Schwabedissen - Hagen/Germany =-
for his fantastic track "Mitternacht"

and to my mate "Trance4Mate"
-= Andreas Treder - Bad Pyrmont/Germany =-
for his melody parts on "Sunset Shades"

1. Dec. 2012:
Video of my track "Autumn Days"

Watch on Youtube.com
06. Oct. 2012:
BatteryDead will perform live @ Radio-Happy electronic music event in Wymeer (Ostfriesland - north Germany)
Limited number of tickets (still some tickets available), ticket prize 17,50 euro - more info on www.radio-happy.com
29. Aug. 2012:
Review for the album "Sands Of Deception" by Sylvain Lupari
18. Aug. 2012:
BatteryDead live @ Swimmingpool Festival 2012 in Berlin
Swimmingpool Festival 2012 in Berlin
11. May. 2012:
Video of my gig @ Satzvey Castle on March 24. 2012

Watch on Youtube.com
24. Mar. 2012:
ebia, BatteryDead and Rainbow Serpent live @ Satzvey Castle Festival
Satzvey Castle Festival by Syngate Records
08. Dec. 2011:
Link to Syngate ShopNew album "Sands Of Deception" out now at
SynG@te records

Kilian Schloemp-Uelhoff (Syngate records) says:

A well balanced chill - album, flowing motives, nice sequences and rythms, that cause body motion - a "cheering up" album. The well engeneered soundmix contributes a great overall impression of this album, excellent material as well for headphones as for home- or car audio equipment

17. Sep. 2011:
Video of my very first live gig at Raumzeit Festival 2011 in Dortmund / Germany

Watch on Youtube.com
02. May 2011:
BatteryDead live @ Raumzeit Festival, 03. September 2011

Raumzeit 11 Festival
01. Feb. 2011:
BatteryDead is nominated in the newcomer list of the Schallwelle Award :-)
Schallwelle Preis
8. March 2011:
New video track "Evidence of Life"

Watch Evidence of Life on Youtube.com
18. July 2010:
New video track "Arctic Winter"

Watch Arctic Winter on Youtube.com
13. July 2010:
BatteryDead on Klangarten Podcast #27-2010
6. April 2010:
Video "Electron Orbit"

Watch Electron Orbit on Youtube
Link to Syngate Shop
27. Mar. 2010:

Track "Bay Of Rainbows (BD Ascent Remix)" on Syngate Records compilation
- The Collective Volume 2 -
Unfortunately discontinued due to several circumstances
at Syngate Records :-(
More information on www.syngate.net

Because of this now you can download this track
for free from my music page in 256 kbits quality.
I hope you enjoy it..
19. Mar. 2010:
BatteryDead on www.syndae.de - podcast Episode 79
Stefan Schulz chose "Threat Out Of The Darkness" and
"Spirit Of Sammy" for his qreat EM-Podcast.
18. Mar. 2010:
Video "Delta Peak"

Watch Delta Peak on Youtube.com
Link to Syngate Shop
14. Feb. 2010:

Album "Deep Discharge" out now at
SynG@te records
Buy this album at Syngate Shop

Buy the album as MP3 download here
07. Jan. 2010:
Listen to my new track
"Bay of Rainbows (BD Ascent Remix)" on myspace.com or here (1 minute excerpt)
27. Dez. 2009:
Album "Deep Discharge" will be released soon at SynG@te records
05. Dez. 2009:
All tracks are mastered, working on CD cover artwork.
12. Sep. 2009:
I begin working on my debut album.
18. Aug. 2009:
Song "Threat Out Of The Darkness" uploaded.
30. Dez. 2007:
Song "Bay Of Rainbows" uploaded.
30.Sep. 2006:
Songs "Deep Discharge, Positives,Delta Peak" uploaded.
21. Mar. 2006:
Song "Terraforming" uploaded.
20. Mar. 2006:
Song "Silvesternacht" uploaded.
7. Nov. 2004:
Song "Whispering" uploaded.
26. Jul. 2004:
Some info about my studio added.
Page design improved (minor changes).
11. Jul.2004:
Songs can be played online now.
Song "Subsonic" uploaded.

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