My studio

my studio
  • Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 USB Audio Interface
  • Dave Smith Prophet REV2
  • Clavia Nordlead 3 (keyboard-version, very cool synthesizer)
  • Waldorf Pulse (analog bass&lead synth)
  • Yamaha Motif XS6 (workstation)
  • Yamaha MoXF6
  • Clavia Nord Modular G2x
  • Novation Circuit
  • Steinberg Cubase 9 (DAW studiosoftware)
  • Ableton Live 10 Suite with Launchpad MK2 and Push2 Controller
  • Many software synthesizer (Omnisphere, U-He Repro+Diva etc)
  • Yamaha amplifier
  • Tannoy Reveal (Passive monitor speakers)
  • AKG K55 headphones (very cheap and a real pain)
  • Koss Porta Pro headphones (really great sound)