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BatteryDead - Yield to Gravity
Alailable as CD-R at Mellowjet Records
New Album Yield to Gravity available now at Mellowjet Records

The following albums are available as CD-R at Syngate Records - please klick the images to get to the Syngate store

BatteryDead - Shades
Available as CD-R at Syngate Records
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BatteryDead - Sands Of Deception
Available as CD-R at Syngate Records
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BatteryDead - Deep Discharge
Available as CD-R at Syngate Records
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Reviews for "Shades"

Christian Ahlers has always been very clear. The purpose of his BatteryDead project is to make an EM quite gentle which will inspire tranquillity while making our feet stamp of a desire to dance on synth-pop and chill out. After the very strong Sands of Deception, which has received a very good welcome, and from criticisms and at the level of sales, the German synthesist comes again with "Shades" ; a more hard-hitting album where the rhythms of electronic dance collide with sonic settings closer to the psybient music which reminds me enormously the ambient rhythms and the lunar ambiences of Solar Fields.
Read more on "Synth&Sequences" by Sylvain Lupari

Reviews for "Sands Of Deception"

Here is a work which goes away a bit from the usual structures of Berlin School and New Berlin School that we usually find at Syngate. Batterydead is Christian Ahler's musical project and those who like an EM centred on dance music will be charmed by this work which draws its delight from sequences and arpeggios with crystal clear tones which dance and sing on rhythmic structures in constant indecision flooded by an attractive and rich electronic fauna. "Sands of Deception" is built on structures which begin in some dreamlike cosmic veils and evolve towards mid-tempos and soft technos where the mists of Orion and the violins of Mare Tranquillitatis caress sub-styles which bind themselves to Element 4 and Robert Schroeder....
Read more on "Synth&Sequences" by Sylvain Lupari

A well balanced chill - album, flowing motives, nice sequences and rythms, that cause body motion - a "cheering up" album. The well engeneered soundmix contributes a great overall impression of this album, excellent material as well for headphones as for home- or car audio equipment
Kilian Schloemp-Uelhoff (Syngate Records)

Reviews for "Deep Discharge"

From Christian Ahlers aka Battery Dead, I got his album "Deep Discharge". During the first spin I was impressed by the music and the sound production. Excellent sounds, excellent mixing and pristine mastering by Gerd Wienekamp that I can recommend this album to anyone, who wants electronic music which sounds so 2011/2012! I must say well done Christian.
René van der Wouden

....sehr angenehme Musik, mit der man sich vor dem Fernseher mit der "Space-Night" die Nacht "um die Ohren schlagen kann" ;-) Die Melodien regen zur "aktiven Entspannung" an, sie sind etwas flotter und doch von einer leichtigkeit, die den Alltagsstress vergessen lassen. Sehr zu empfehlen :-)
Uwe Sasse

Seine erste CD ist beeindruckend. Wer Schiller und Rainbow Serpent mag, dem darf diese CD nicht entgehen. Melodische Stücke, von Space Night im TV beeinflusst, dadurch ist die Musik mit modernen Rhythmen durchwebt und lässt auch schon Mal die Berliner Schule und ihre Klänge zum Vorschein kommen.
Cue Records